About us

May 9th, 2024 will be the 33rd Slap Shots event (having missed two years due to covid).

The founder of Slap Shots for a Cause, Brad Shaddick, wanted to provide some history as to what this event is all about, how it got started and what it means today.

Please read below in Brad’s own words how this amazing event came to be as we know it today.

The first event was in the spring of 1990 at Conestoga College in Kitchener.  The thought was that within the automotive aftermarket, there were plenty of golf tournaments but nothing related to hockey.  The word was sent out to see if there was interest from those in the industry in southwestern Ontario to get together for a game followed by some food and refreshments.  About 30 men came out to play in that first game.  It was a lot of fun for all and during the postgame festivities, it was suggested that it should be done every year and, at the same time, why not raise money for a good cause?  Hence, Slap Shots for a Cause was formed.   A small Board of Directors was created and about $3,000 was raised in that second year.  The annual amount raised steadily grew, and cumulatively Slap Shots has now raised over $255,000 for good causes.

The event has expanded from having two teams to four teams, and the games are now played in the Mississauga area.   Lube Koval, who was with Matthew Scott Marketing, approached Brad Shaddick in the mid 90’s to offer up support for the charity tournament by offering to pay for all the ice rental costs.  This was extremely generous of Lube as this allowed the event to pass along a lot more money to the “cause”.   Tragically, Lube passed away at a relatively young age.  His wife Jan agreed to continue to pay for the ice rental costs moving forward, and still does to this day.  In honor of Lube, a trophy was created in his honor; “The Lube Koval Memorial Cup”, which the winning team gets to hoist up every year at the event.

Slap Shots is a fun two hours of hockey with friends within the automotive aftermarket, out to get a bit of exercise, and enjoy the comradery and good times.

Thank you.   GAME ON!

Brad Shaddick
Director of Sales