What is Slapshots for a Cause?

Slapshots for a Cause is an annual event made up of four teams of aftermarket professionals who battle it out on the ice, all in the name of charity.

In addition to putting their hockey skills to the test, the teams raise funds for the Canadian-Ukraine Foundation.

How did it start?

The tournament was originally started back in 1990 by Brad Shaddick, General Manager, Canada for Federal-Mogul Motorparts. At that time, Shaddick figured there were enough guys in the aftermarket who enjoyed playing hockey that he could put together a couple of teams to play some hockey and have some cold beer and wings and make it into a social event. The first game was held at Conestoga College in Kitchener on an Olympic-sized ice pad.

“There is no way we’d be playing on an Olympic-sized ice pad today,” joked Shaddick.

The participants are divided into four teams – Team Red, Team White, Team Blue, and Team Black. This year the Team Red won the coveted Lube Koval Memorial Trophy.

After the first year, some of the guys wanted to keep it going, and it was suggested they turn it into a charity event. “We chose the cancer society because cancer affects more people and families than any other affliction,” explained Shaddick. “We took a vote, and that was the choice we made.”

A few years into the annual tournament a gentleman by the name of Lube Koval approached Shaddick and offered to sponsor the ice pads. With this sponsorship, Slapshots for a Cause was able to contribute additional funds to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“This was a very generous offer, and Lube continued to sponsor the ice pads for several years, and then, very tragically, Lube became sick and passed away and very graciously, his widow continued to sponsor us. We have a trophy for the winning team, and when Lube passed away, we name it the Lube Koval Memorial Trophy,” explained Shaddick.

What is the purpose of this tournament?

This year’s Slapshots for a Cause raised $10,000 bringing the total funds raised since its inception back in 1990, to over $210,000.

“On behalf of the Slap Shots board and the Canadian Cancer Society we would like to thank the ongoing support of so many Canadian automotive aftermarket companies,” said Keith Gordon, Director of Sales Canada, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket.

Board Members

Keith Gordon – [email protected]
Brad Shaddick – [email protected]
Don Ullman – [email protected]
Matt Koval – [email protected]
Lisa Marchese – [email protected]
Tyler Brown – [email protected]
Mark Potts – [email protected]
Mark Hay – [email protected]